music or not music?

Just completed my third run in five days.  which is good, i think.  Nothing longer than five miles but so far so good.  I’m running.  Now, as a rule, i don’t really like running to music.  I feel it gets in the way, either of good conversation (for there are few topics out of bounds when two men are running) or of the opportunity to let your mind wander.  A good solo run, neither too taxing nor too comfortable, is a precious opportunity for the rumination of topics usually suffocated by the pressures of daily life.  Like where to find a good reading chair.

However, if i were to listen to some sort of aural stimulus while running, it would ideally be something like this episode of the today programme, guest edited by Zadie Smith.  It’s like a selection box of interestingness, including Jonathan Franzen, Alain do Botton AND the School of Life, and obviously Zadie herself.  Shazam!  It’s also got a cracking wee tribute to David Foster Wallace by Franzen and George Saunders (who i’d never heard of but sounds like the mack daddy of short stories).  I’ve been meaning to read his book Infinite Jest for some time, especially since being in the States earlier this year just after his death where every bookshop i went in to had a mini book-shrine going on at the front of the store.

Annnyyyy-hoo.  Run number three in the bag, music bad quiet pondering of life’s problems good.  Radio 4 rocks.  I’m off to get a post-run thai-tea at the local.


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