don’t run at dusk. on an empty stomach.


Photo via Tomi Tapio on Flickr

ok, so i went all out yesterday to see if i could run ten miles.  The reason i’ve done this is to see if i can stick to this training routine, which sounds great.  It consists of three runs a week (one speed, one tempo and one slow paced, long distance run) in addition to a couple of cross-training sessions each week too.  For someone like me, who doesn’t run a great deal and gets bored quite easily, this is really appealing as you never do the same workout twice in a week and you get to mix in a gym, swim or cycle session.

So i went for 1o miles and just about made it by going really slowly.  I felt fine running home, wasn’t too out of breath although my body was starting to ache.  However, as i came in from the cold to a warm flat i suddenly felt really weird; my eyes were all blood shot, my arms and face was still really cold despite running for nearly and hour and a half, and i just didn’t really feel right.  Mrs MJ was rather concerned and immediately procured a cup of tea and hot bath.  Now, aside from running further than i have run in a number of years i think there are a couple of reasons for this post-run oddness.

As usual i put off the run during the day because i couldn’t really be arsed.  i’d had a good lunch with plenty of carbs and protein but didn’t leave for my run until about two hours later, and as i left i was starting to feel a little peckish again.  So the first mistake, as pointed out by Katy and Danny at dinner last night was going for a run without enough fuel to get me round AND keep my body warm.  The second mistake, which was exacerbated by the first, was running at dusk.  The first third of the run was crisp and fresh.  Primrose hill wasn’t too busy, the sun was all bloodshot as it set and the edge of the park was fairly deserted.  So it was all poignant and lovely.  However, after about 45 minutes of this poignant loveliness the sun disappeared, and it very quickly got dark and fucking baltic.  So i was hit with a lack of fuel and lack of sun one-two combo which basically sent me a bit doo-lally.

Today’s (or yesterday’s) lesson then, is firstly to run earlier in the day when going for my weekend long run (logically midday seems best) and secondly to make sure i’ve eaten at least an hour and a half before running.  i will cross reference this last lesson with the running bible, as it seems rather important.


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