Reading and Recuperation

It’s a well known fact that a good book accelerates the recovery process of any physical injury.  So due to recent knee trouble, in an attempt to get back on the road in quick time, i have been reading a little more than usual.  This unexpected upsurge in word-time has coincided perfectly with our recent acquisition of a “laura ashley-style” armchair.  It’s hard to capture in a photo the extent of the delight it brings, but i have made a poor attempt nonetheless; it’s soft, worn finish, it’s firm yet welcoming cushioning, and the warm, regal pattern all combine in some sort of soft furnishing perfect storm to create just the right place to rest your bottom with a book.  Although, it does perhaps look slightly out of place next to a yet-to-be-unpacked box of belongings and a very unloved guitar.


I am, i’ll admit, somewhat intimidated by the chair.  It just sits there, patiently waiting for something significant to happen on it.  Like the writing of some profound essay, or the smoking of a pipe while reading Proust and sipping port.  At times i don’t feel up to it.  The chair, not Proust.  Obviously i don’t feel up to Proust, that goes without saying.

But i’m going to try anyway.  Again, not Proust.  I’m going to endeavour to give the chair the love and attention it deserves.  Who knows, perhaps it will grow to appreciate my soft midland tones, my predilection for dark chocolate digestives, and my insistence on only wearing slippers while sitting in it.  Either way, while my knee recovers at least, i will attempt to record the ups and downs of what could well be a rollicking marriage of reading minds.  First up in the hot-seat was The Picture of Dorian Gray, by the mellifluous Oscar Wilde.  I think this went down fairly well with the chair (i certainly enjoyed it), but it’s early days, and we only read a portion of the book together.  Next, however, is the poetry of Robert Frost and Edward Thomas, for book club.  I suspect poetry will be more of a litmus test for our relationship and i look forward to seeing how we get on.  Goodbye for now, from both of us…



2 responses to “Reading and Recuperation

  1. I applaud yer efforts sir. This post has however raised some self concern: the same relationship b/w man and chair commences tomorrow at 11am in my flat. Furthermore the chair is on rebound from it’s last relationship which could complicate things. Looking forward to getting stuck in nonetheless.

  2. wow, that makes things tough. my chair also had a previous owner, but i suspect it was neglected. let me know how you get on.

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